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Insects: Their Spermatozoa and Phylogeny
Taxonomic summary and phylogenetic analysis of the fertilizing spermatozoon phylogeny of the hexapod orders superclass hexapoda class insecta (ectognathous hexapods) and the hemipteroid orders. Expand
The Ultrastructure and Phylogeny of Insect Spermatozoa
Taxonomic summary and phylogenetic analysis of hexapod spermatozoa and the endopterygotes (Holometaboloa) and the panorpoid orders are presented. Expand
Progress in male gamete ultrastructure and phylogeny
Preface to the Progress Series Preface to Volume IX, Part C Contributors 1. Crustacea-Decapoda Barrie G.M. Jamieson and Christopher C. Tudge 2. Pentastomida Barrie G.M. Jamieson and Volker Storch 3.Expand
Sequence evolution and phylogenetic signal in control-region and cytochrome b sequences of rainbow fishes (Melanotaeniidae).
It is deduced that both the control region and cytochrome b are appropriate for population genetic studies but that the control area is less effective than cy tochrome b for resolving relationships among divergent lineages of rainbow fishes. Expand
Phylogenetic relations between microbats, megabats and primates (Mammalia: Chiroptera and Primates).
We examine the paraphylectic hypothesis of bat origins, both in the light of previous discussions, and in the light of new evidence from our analyses of neurological traits and wing morphology.Expand