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Redistribution and Education Subsidies are Siamese Twins
We develop a model of human capital formation with endogenous labor supply and heterogeneous agents to explore the optimal level of education subsidies along with the optimal schedule of the labor
Redistribution and Education Subsidies are Siamese Twins
We develop models of optimal linear and non-linear income taxation with endogenous human capital formation to explore optimal education subsidies. Optimal subsidies on education ensure efficiency in
The marginal cost of public funds is one at the optimal tax system
This paper develops a Mirrlees framework with skill and preference heterogeneity to analyze optimal linear and nonlinear redistributive taxes, optimal provision of public goods, and the marginal cost
The Lost Race between Schooling and Technology
We study the evolution of wage inequality between skilled and unskilled workers in the Netherlands for the years 1969-2020. Our analysis is based on estimates of the production structure in the
Real Options and Human Capital Investment
This paper extends the standard human capital model with real options. Real options influence investment behavior when risky investments in human capital are irreversible and individuals can affect
Optimal Taxation of Human Capital and the Earnings Function
This paper explores how the specification of the earnings function impacts the optimal tax treatment of human capital. If education is complementary to labor effort, education should be subsidized to
Optimal Income Taxation with Endogenous Human Capital
  • B. Jacobs
  • Economics, Materials Science
  • 1 May 2005
This paper augments the theory of optimal linear income taxation by taking into account human capital accumulation as a dimension of labor supply. The distribution of earning potentials is endogenous
An investigation of education finance reform; graduate taxes and income contingent loans in the Netherlands
In this paper we analyse the consequences of replacing government subsidies with a graduate tax (GT) or income contingent loan (ICL) system for the financing of higher education. Both these systems
A Risk Augmented Mincer Earnings equation ?
We survey the literature on the Risk Augmented Mincer equation that seeks to estimate the compensation for uncertainty in the future wage to be earned after completing an education. There is wide
Sectoral Productivity Growth and R&D Spillovers in the Netherlands
This paper assesses empirically whether R&D spillovers are important and whether they originate from domestic or foreign activities. Data for eleven sectors are used to explain the impact on total