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Influence of pH and Zinc Concentration on Cadmium Sorption in Acid, Sandy Soils
Batch adsorption experiments were carried out with samples from an A-, Bh- and C-horizon of contaminated sandy soil of podzolic character from the Kempen region at the Dutch-Belgian border. CadmiumExpand
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Metabolism of nealbarbitone
The human metabolism of 5‐allyl‐5‐neopentylbarbituric acid (nealbarbitone, Censedal), taken orally, has been studied. Comparison of the gas chromatography—mass spectra of extracts from urine with theExpand
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Abstract— A labile intermediate in the photolytic rearrangement of the antibacterial drug, metronidazole, was identified by isolating the product of photolysis of metronidazole benzoate in methanol.Expand
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Static fatigue limit with particular reference to glass
After a review of the literature on the static fatigue limit, it was concluded that the normal method for its determination, using time-to-rupture data, is inadequate. There are very few experimentalExpand
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Common products from gamma-radiolysis and ultraviolet photolysis of metronidazole
Abstract u.v. Photolysis of metronidazole in aqueous solution at pH 7.0 results in rearrangement through an imino-ketone to an oxadiazole. These compounds were also found following γ-radiolysis ofExpand
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Engineering Design and the Probability of Fatigue Failure of Ceramic Material
Ceramic materials can exhibit a large variability in instantaneous fracture stress. Hence, their engineering design requires an approach that deals with probability of failure at a given appliedExpand
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Measurements of crack growth in a solid at elevated temperature by holographic interferometry
Real-time holographic interferometry was used to follow the crack-opening displacement (COD) of a compact tension specimen of zirconium 2.5-percent niobium subjected to a constant tensile load atExpand
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The Preparation, Processing and Properties of Thin and Thick Films for Microelectronic Applications
In this overview of Bellcore film research, we present seven points: 1) Crystallization of the YBa2Cu3O7-y composition in the “forbidden” temperature region (~400°C to ~650°C) produces the polyphaseExpand