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Extensive outcrossing and androdioecy in a vertebrate species that otherwise reproduces as a self-fertilizing hermaphrodite.
The mangrove killifish (Kryptolebias marmoratus) is the only vertebrate known to be capable of self-fertilization. Its gonad is typically an ovotestis that simultaneously produces eggs and sperm, andExpand
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Concerted Evolution of Repetitive DNA Sequences in Eukaryotes
A large fraction, sometimes the largest fraction, of a eukaryotic genome consists of repeated DNA sequences. Copy numbers range from several thousand to millions per diploid genome. All classes ofExpand
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Evolutionary genetics of Death Valley pupfish populations: mitochondrial DNA sequence variation and population structure
The pupfishes of Death Valley (genus: Cyprinodon) are a classic example of rapid (postPleistocene) allopatric divergence with several populations exhibiting striking morphological, physiological, andExpand
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Field observations of the ecology and habitsof mangrove rivulus (Rivulus marmoratus)in Belize and Florida(Teleostei: Cyprinodontiformes: Rivulidae)
This report provides a synopsis of fil.'1d studil'S of RiI'll/liS man1l0ralllS from two population surveys of mangro\'C islands adjacent to the Belize barrier fl'Cf and observations made overExpand
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A mixed-mating strategy in a hermaphroditic vertebrate
Mixed-mating systems, in which hermaphrodites can either self-fertilize or outcross, are common in many species of plants and invertebrates and have been informative models for studying the selectiveExpand
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A Novel Terrestrial Fish Habitat inside Emergent Logs
Reports of new habitats for a major group of organisms are rare. Fishes display diverse adaptations for temporary (amphibious) existence on land, but to our knowledge, none have ever been reportedExpand
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Evolution of 'maleness' and outcrossing in a population of the self-fertilizing killifish, Kryptolebias marmoratus
Question: Does the persistently high frequency of males in the Twin Cays population of Kryptolebias (formerly Rivulus) mamoratus (Pisces: Rivulidae), a self-fertilizing, androdioecious species,Expand
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Reproductive isolation among endemic pupfishes (Cyprinodon) on San Salvador Island, Bahamas: microsatellite evidence
Three pupfish (Cyprinodon) morphotypes (two endemic) occur in some of the young (6000 ypb) saline lakes on the Bahamian island of San Salvador. The 'normal' morph, a detritivore/omnivore, is notExpand
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Temperature preferences and tolerances of three fish species inhabiting hyperthermal ponds on mangrove islands
The fish species Cyprinidon artifrons, Floridichthys carpio, and Gambusia yucatana inhabit shallow mangrove ponds off the coast of Belize. Portions of these ponds experience a diurnal temperatureExpand
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Randomly amplified polymorphic DNA markers are superior to somatic incompatibility tests for discriminating genotypes in natural populations of the ectomycorrhizal fungus Suillus granulatus.
Assessing genetic variation within populations and genetic exchange between populations requires an understanding of the distribution and abundance of individual genotypes within the population.Expand
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