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The Constitution and Structure of the Lunar Interior
The current state of understanding of the lunar interior is the sum of nearly four decades of work and a range of exploration programs spanning that same time period. Missions of the 1960s includingExpand
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Generating lunar bistatic SAR images using Arecibo and Mini-RF
We have employed the Arecibo Observatory Planetary Radar (AO) transmitter and the Mini-RF radar onboard NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) as a receiver to collect bistatic data of the lunarExpand
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Cochlear implant phantom for evaluating computed tomography acquisition parameters
We report on the development of a phantom and on its use to study how four acquisition parameters, including image resolution and HU range of reconstruction, affect how accurately the true position of the electrodes can be found in a dataset of CT scans acquired from multiple helical and cone beam scanners. Expand
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Miniature Scanning Electron Microscope for In-Situ Planetary Studies: Electron Gun Development
Summary: Good progress is being made on the de-sign and fabrication of a miniature SEM, keeping in mind the scientific and engineering needs of sample characterization with the planned return ofExpand
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Color Variations on Eros from NEAR Shoemaker Multispectral Imaging
Multispectral images of Eros's surface reveal large albedo variations due to exposure of bright materials on steep slopes. The associated color variations are weak, but consistent with a lesserExpand