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From despotism to democracy : reporting Iraq's January 2005 election in the Australian and Middle Eastern print media
It is only in recent times that the magnitude of Ancient Mesopotamia’s contribution to language, agriculture, modern thought and urbane society has begun to be understood. Most relevant to this studyExpand
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Heritage Destruction and Spikes in Violence: The Case of Iraq
This chapter uses Iraq as a case study to investigate the complex inter-relationships between cultural and historical destruction on the one hand, and identity politics and sectarian violence on theExpand
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Discourses of democracy
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The legacy of Iraq : from the 2003 war to the 'Islamic State'
This is a multi disciplinary reappraisal of the Iraq war and its ongoing difficult legacy. This edited collection reappraises Iraq 10 years on from a multi disciplinary perspective. One of the oftenExpand
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Othering as soft-power discursive practice: China Daily’s construction of Trump’s America in the 2016 presidential election
The relationship between Chinese soft power and Chinese media has been a focus of a growing body of literature. Challenging a resource-based conception of soft power and a transmission view ofExpand
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Introduction : people power and the Arab revolutions : towards a new conceptual framework of democracy in the Middle East
This introductory chapter analyses the various debates and discussions that have been triggered by the Arab Revolutions. It seizes a unique opportunity to reflect on these seismic events, theirExpand
Oilworker's unions and the state in the New Iraq
Oil, unions and democracy after Saddam