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Studies on heavy metal accumulation in aquatic macrophytes from Sevan (Armenia) and Carambolim (India) lake systems.
Aquatic macrophytes are unchangeable biological filters and they carry out purification of the water bodies by accumulating dissolved metals and toxins in their tissue. In view of their potential toExpand
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Global Patterns and Predictions of Seafloor Biomass Using Random Forests
A comprehensive seafloor biomass and abundance database has been constructed from 24 oceanographic institutions worldwide within the Census of Marine Life (CoML) field projects. The machine-learningExpand
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Community structure and seasonal variation of an inshore demersal fish community at Goa, West Coast of India
Abstract Structure and seasonal variation of an inshore demersal fish assemblage have been described from 52 trawl samples collected between November 1988–November 1989 from Aguada and Marmugao BaysExpand
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Habitat heterogeneity and its influence on benthic biodiversity in oxygen minimum zones
Oxygen minimum zones (OMZs; midwater regions with O2 concentrations <0.5 ml l )1 ) are mid-water features that intercept continental margins at bathyal depths (100–1000 m). They are particularly wellExpand
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Life history of the ghost shrimp, Callianassa Japonica Ortmann (Decapoda : Thalassinidea), on an intertidal sandflat in western Kyushu, Japan
Growth, density, survival, and reproduction were examined for the population of the ghost shrimp, Callianassa japonica Ortmann, inhabiting an intertidal sandflat in western Kyushu, Japan, based onExpand
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Biological responses to disturbance from simulated deep-sea polymetallic nodule mining
Commercial-scale mining for polymetallic nodules could have a major impact on the deep-sea environment, but the effects of these mining activities on deep-sea ecosystems are very poorly known. TheExpand
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State of Knowledge of Coastal and Marine Biodiversity of Indian Ocean Countries
The Indian Ocean (IO) extends over 30% of the global ocean area and is rimmed by 36 littoral and 11 hinterland nations sustaining about 30% of the world's population. The landlocked character of theExpand
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Testing the efficiency of temperate benthic biotic indices in assessing the ecological status of a tropical ecosystem.
The objectives of the present study were to evaluate the ecological status of tropical coastal waters using the temperate benthic indices and examine the effect of seasonal variability on theExpand
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