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Revealing structure and assembly cues for Arabidopsis root-inhabiting bacterial microbiota
The plant root defines the interface between a multicellular eukaryote and soil, one of the richest microbial ecosystems on Earth. Notably, soil bacteria are able to multiply inside roots as benignExpand
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RNA-mediated chromatin-based silencing in plants.
Plants have evolved an elaborate transcriptional machinery dedicated to eliciting sequence-specific, chromatin-based gene silencing. Two Pol II-related, plant-specific RNA polymerases, named Pol IVExpand
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Atypical RNA polymerase subunits required for RNA-directed DNA methylation
RNA-directed DNA methylation, one of several RNA interference–mediated pathways in the nucleus, has been documented in plants and in human cells. Despite progress in identifying the DNAExpand
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Functional overlap of the Arabidopsis leaf and root microbiota
We established Arabidopsis leaf- and root-derived microbiota culture collections representing the majority of bacterial species that are reproducibly detectable by culture-independent community sequencing. Expand
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Endogenous targets of RNA‐directed DNA methylation and Pol IV in Arabidopsis
DRD1 is a SWI/SNF‐like protein that cooperates with a plant‐specific RNA polymerase, Pol IVb, to facilitate RNA‐directed de novo methylation and silencing of homologous DNA. Screens to identifyExpand
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Arabidopsis thaliana transcription factors bZIP19 and bZIP23 regulate the adaptation to zinc deficiency
Zinc is an essential micronutrient for all living organisms. When facing a shortage in zinc supply, plants adapt by enhancing the zinc uptake capacity. The molecular regulators controlling thisExpand
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The genomic landscape of meiotic crossovers and gene conversions in Arabidopsis thaliana
Knowledge of the exact distribution of meiotic crossovers (COs) and gene conversions (GCs) is essential for understanding many aspects of population genetics and evolution, from haplotype structureExpand
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High-throughput polymorphism detection and genotyping in Brassica napus using next-generation RAD sequencing
BackgroundThe complex genome of rapeseed (Brassica napus) is not well understood despite the economic importance of the species. Good knowledge of sequence variation is needed for genetics approachesExpand
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A structural-maintenance-of-chromosomes hinge domain–containing protein is required for RNA-directed DNA methylation
RNA-directed DNA methylation (RdDM) is a process in which dicer-generated small RNAs guide de novo cytosine methylation at the homologous DNA region. To identify components of the RdDM machineryExpand
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Targets of RNA-directed DNA methylation.
RNA-directed DNA methylation contributes substantially to epigenetic regulation of the plant genome. Methylation is guided to homologous DNA target sequences by 24 nt 'heterochromatic' small RNAsExpand
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