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Structural Environmental Constitutionalism
Environmental constitutionalism is of increasing importance as both national and subnational governments seek to facilitate environmental protection through constitutional provisions. MostExpand
Is an exemption from US groundwater regulations a loophole or a noose?
In the United States, the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) regulates most groundwater used for drinking water. The Act covers most urban areas but because it does not cover small water systems, itExpand
Federal Constitutions, Global Governance, and the Role of Forests in Regulating Climate Change
Federal systems of government present more difficulties for international treaty formation than perhaps any other form of governance. Federal constitutions that grant subnational governmentsExpand
Promoting and Establishing the Recovery of Endangered Species on Private Lands: A Case Study of the Gopher Tortoise
Important species are increasingly threatened on private lands and remain largely unregulated by federal and state laws. The gopher tortoise, present within six south-eastern states, is one suchExpand
Environmental Law. Disrupted
The U.S. regulatory environment is changing rapidly, at the same time that visible and profound impacts of climate change are already being felt throughout the world, and enormous, potentiallyExpand
Rehabilitation―the dynamic approach
Pipeline maintenance and renewal figure prominently in water companies' investment plans, and the current level is forecast to double by 1996. In most instances, operations' managers charged withExpand
Moral Obligation and Natural Capital Commons on Private Land: Perspectives on Peter Gerhart’s Property Law and Social Morality
Peter Gerhart's "Property Law and Social Morality" provides a new lens through which to view the distribution of burdens and benefits of property ownership. Gerhart argues that property owners have aExpand
Relative Administrability, Conservatives, and Environmental Regulatory Reform
Both critics and supporters of federal environmental law have called for its reform. Conservative scholars and policy-makers in particular have called for reform due to the size, scope, and cost ofExpand