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Differences in Critical Success Factors in ERP Systems Implementation in Australia and China: A Cultural Analysis
We synthesise an ERP systems implementation process model and a set of critical success factors for ERP Systems implementation. Expand
Modifying the DPClus algorithm for identifying protein complexes based on new topological structures
We present a clustering algorithm IPCA based on the new topological structure for identifying complexes in large protein interaction networks. Expand
Integral Equation Methods for Electromagnetic and Elastic Waves
  • W. Chew, M. Tong, B. Hu
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Integral Equation Methods for Electromagnetic and…
  • 15 July 2007
Integral Equation Methods for Electromagnetic and Elastic Waves is an outgrowth of several years of work. Expand
A Joint Intrinsic-Extrinsic Prior Model for Retinex
We propose a joint intrinsic-extrinsic prior model to estimate both illumination and reflectance from an observed image using a novel structure-preserving measure called local variation deviation. Expand
Direct Active and Reactive Power Regulation of DFIG Using Sliding-Mode Control Approach
This paper presents a new direct active and reactive power control (DPC) of grid-connected doubly fed induction generator (DFIG)-based wind turbine systems. The proposed DPC strategy employs aExpand
Emotion recognition from multi-channel EEG data through Convolutional Recurrent Neural Network
Automatic emotion recognition based on multi-channel neurophysiological signals, as a challenging pattern recognition task, is becoming an important computer-aided method for emotional disorder diagnoses in neurology. Expand
Dissipativity Theory for Nesterov's Accelerated Method
In this paper, we adapt the control theoretic concept of dissipativity theory to provide a natural understanding of Nesterov's accelerated method. Expand
Optimal parameters selection for BP neural network based on particle swarm optimization: A case study of wind speed forecasting
This paper details a method called IS-PSO-BP that combines a Back Propagation neural network based on Particle Swam Optimization (PSo-BP) with comprehensive parameter selection. Expand
Smart Clothing: Connecting Human with Clouds and Big Data for Sustainable Health Monitoring
In order to obtain healthcare big data by sustainable health monitoring, we design “Smart Clothing”, facilitating unobtrusive collection of various physiological indicators of human body. Expand
DCDB: Drug combination database
We present the Drug Combination Database, with aims to facilitate analyses of known drug combinations, to summarize patterns of beneficial drug interactions, and to provide a basis for theoretical modeling and simulation of such drug interactions. Expand