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Ocean ambient sound: Comparing the 1960s with the 1990s for a receiver off the California coast
Ocean ambient sound data from 1994 to 2001 have been collected using a receiver on the continental slope off Point Sur, California. A temporary, nearby receiving array was used for calibrationExpand
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Global Assimilation of Ionospheric Measurements (GAIM)
Abstract : Our primary goal is to construct a real-time data assimilation model for the ionosphere-plasmasphere system that will provide reliable specifications and forecasts. A secondary goal is toExpand
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Acoustic and satellite remote sensing of blue whale seasonality and habitat in the Northeast Pacific
Northeast Pacific blue whales seasonally migrate, ranging from the waters off Central America to the Gulf of Alaska. Using acoustic and satellite remote sensing, we have continuously monitored theExpand
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Tomography of the ionosphere: Four‐dimensional simulations
Using a four-dimensional stochastic model of ionosphere perturbations, simulations are made of a tomography system based on data from the Global Positioning System and a low Earth-orbiting satellite.Expand
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Long-time trends in ship traffic noise for four sites off the North American West Coast.
Measurements (1994-2007) from four cabled-to-shore hydrophone systems located off the North American west coast permit extensive comparisons between "contemporary" low frequency ship traffic noiseExpand
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Barotropic and Baroclinic Tides in the Central North Pacific Ocean Determined from Long-Range Reciprocal Acoustic Transmissions
Abstract Travel times of reciprocal 1000-km range acoustic transmissions, determined from the 1987 Reciprocal Tomography Experiment, are used to study barotropic tidal currents and a large-scale,Expand
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Application of stochastic inverse theory to ionospheric tomography
Tomographic processing of path integral electron density records is emerging as a viable tool for ionospheric research. Tomographic processors fall into at least two major classes: those applying theExpand
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Low-frequency ambient sound in the North Pacific: Long time series observations
Long-term statistics of ambient sound in an ocean basin have been derived from 2 years of data collected on 13 widely distributed receivers in the North Pacific. The data consist of single hydrophoneExpand
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Power system considerations for undersea observatories
Power systems for undersea observatories combine ideas from terrestrial power systems and switching power supplies with experience from undersea cable systems. Basic system tradeoffs for variousExpand
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