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Drivers of fluorescent dissolved organic matter in the global epipelagic ocean
Fluorescent dissolved organic matter (FDOM) in open surface waters ( 70%) than for the amino acid-like components ( 200 m), the relationships of C1 and C2 with AOU indicate a higher C1/AOU and C2/AOUExpand
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Automated in-syringe dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction
Abstract The dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction (DLLME) technique is simple, efficient and environment friendly. One of the main limitations to its further development is the lack of approachesExpand
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Automatic determination of copper by in-syringe dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction of its bathocuproine-complex using long path-length spectrophotometric detection.
The recently proposed concept of automatic in-syringe dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction was successfully applied to the determination of copper in environmental water samples. BathocuproineExpand
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Multisyringe flow injection analysis coupled to capillary electrophoresis (MSFIA-CE) as a novel analytical tool applied to the pre-concentration, separation and determination of nitrophenols.
For the first time, a multisyringe flow injection analysis capillary electrophoresis system is described. The potential of the hyphenation for sample treatment including analyte pre-concentration isExpand
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Monitoring of sorbitol in Pichia pastoris cultivation applying sequential injection analysis
Abstract A simple and robust analyser system based on sequential injection analysis for the determination of sorbitol in Pichia pastoris MutS phenotype batch fermentation is described. ApplicabilityExpand
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Coupling of flow techniques with capillary electrophoresis: review of operation principles, challenges, potentials, and applications.
In this review, an overview is given of the up-to-date accomplished analytical systems combining flow techniques and capillary electrophoresis with the main focus on interfacing principles,Expand
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Lab in a syringe: fully automated dispersive liquid–liquid microextraction with integrated spectrophotometric detection
AbstractA new approach for the integration of various analytical steps inside a syringe (Lab in a Syringe) is presented. Fully automated dispersive liquid–liquid microextraction with integratedExpand
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Automation of static and dynamic non-dispersive liquid phase microextraction. Part 1: Approaches based on extractant drop-, plug-, film- and microflow-formation.
Simplicity, effectiveness, swiftness, and environmental friendliness - these are the typical requirements for the state of the art development of green analytical techniques. Liquid phaseExpand
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In-syringe-stirring: a novel approach for magnetic stirring-assisted dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction.
For the first time, the use of a magnetic stirrer within the syringe of an automated syringe pump and the resulting possible analytical applications are described. A simple instrumentation followingExpand
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Automation of static and dynamic non-dispersive liquid phase microextraction. Part 2: Approaches based on impregnated membranes and porous supports.
A critical overview on automation of modern liquid phase microextraction (LPME) approaches based on the liquid impregnation of porous sorbents and membranes is presented. It is the continuation ofExpand
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