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Book-Review - the Undivided Universe - an Ontological Interpretation of Quantum Theory
In the The Undivided Universe, David Bohn and Basil Hiley present a radically different approach to quantum theory. They develop an interpretation of quantum mechanics which gives a clear, intuitive
Quantum interference and the quantum potential
SummaryWe re-examine the notion of the quantum potential introduced by the Broglie and Bohm and calculate its explicit form in the case of the two-slit interference experiment. We also calculate the
Quantum implications : essays in honour of David Bohm
David Bohm is one of the foremost scientific thinkers of today and one of the most distinguished scientists of his generation. His challenge to the conventional understanding of quantum theory has
Can Mind Affect Matter Via Active Information
It is argued that the ontological interpretation provides a sharper picture of what actually could be taking place in quantum tunneling in general and in synaptic exocytosis in particular, and a coherent way of understanding how mental processes can act on traditional, classicallydescribable neural processes without violating the energy conservation law.
Non-commutative Geometry, the Bohm Interpretation and the Mind-Matter Relationship * .
It is argued that in order to address the mind/matter relationship, we will have to radically change the conceptual structure normally assumed in physics. Rather than fields and/or
Process, Distinction, Groupoids and Clifford Algebras: an Alternative View of the Quantum Formalism
In this paper we start from a basic notion of process, which we structure into two groupoids, one orthogonal and one symplectic. By introducing additional structure, we convert these groupoids into
Measurement understood through the quantum potential approach
We review briefly the quantum potential approach to quantum theory, and show that it yields a completely consistent account of the measurement process, including especially what has been called the