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Growth and carbon stock change in eucalypt woodlands in northeast Australia: ecological and greenhouse sink implications
Data from 57 permanent monitoring sites are used to document the growth in woody vegetation and estimate the carbon sink in 27Mha of eucalypt woodlands (savannas), contained withii c. 6OMha of grazedExpand
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Variation in the oxygen isotope ratio of phloem sap sucrose from castor bean. Evidence in support of the Péclet effect.
Theory suggests that the level of enrichment of (18)O above source water in plant organic material (Delta) may provide an integrative indicator of control of water loss. However, there are still gapsExpand
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Learning from episodes of degradation and recovery in variable Australian rangelands
Land-change science emphasizes the intimate linkages between the human and environmental components of land management systems. Recent theoretical developments in drylands identify a small set of keyExpand
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Livestock production in a changing climate: adaptation and mitigation research in Australia
Abstract. Climate change presents a range of challenges for animal agriculture in Australia. Livestock production will be affected by changes in temperature and water availability through impacts onExpand
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Resource use and greenhouse gas intensity of Australian beef production: 1981–2010
Over the past three decades major changes have occurred in Australia's beef industry, affecting productivity and potentially the amount of resources used and environmental impacts from production.Expand
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Application of life cycle assessment to sheep production systems: investigating co-production of wool and meat using case studies from major global producers
PurposeMethodology of co-product handling is a critical determinant of calculated resource use and environmental emissions per kilogram (kg) product but has not been examined in detail for differentExpand
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A rapid on‐line technique for determination of oxygen isotope composition of nitrogen‐containing organic matter and water
A rapid, inexpensive on-line technique for the analysis of stable isotopes of oxygen in organic matter and water is described. The oxygen in the sample is pyrolysed over nickelized carbon using aExpand
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A case-control study of wood dust exposure, mutagen sensitivity, and lung cancer risk.
The associations between lung cancer risk, mutagen sensitivity (a marker of cancer susceptibility), and a putative lung carcinogen, wood dust, were assessed in a hospital-based case-control study.Expand
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Calculation of the oxygen isotope discrimination factor for studying plant respiration
Measurement of discrimination against 18O during dark respiration in plants is currently accepted as the only reliable method of estimating the partitioning of electrons between the cytochrome andExpand
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Resource use and greenhouse gas emissions from three wool production regions in Australia
ustralia is the largest supplier of fine apparel wool in the world, produced from diverse sheep production systems. To date, broad scale analyses of the environmental credentials of Australian woolExpand
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