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Object-oriented metrics: measures of complexity
This book will present guide-lines based on theory and data for establishing a metrics (environment) program for object-oriented software development.
Calculating the Surface Energy Balance for Lake and Reservoir Modeling: A Review (Paper 6R0209)
The surface energy balance (SEB) of a freshwater body must incorporate shortwave (solar) and long-wave (terrestrial) radiation, together with evaporation and sensible heat energy fluxes. For
Agent-oriented methodologies
A sample of chapters: Prometheus: A Practical Agent-Oriented Methodology Multiagent Systems Engineering: an Overview and Case Study Comparison of Ten Agent-Oriented Methodologies Creating a
Situational Method Engineering: State-of-the-Art Review
The situational method engineering (SME) literature is surveyed and a synoptic evaluation presented in the context of formalizing and regularizing the conceptual framework and underpinning theory.
A powertype-based metamodelling framework
A new approach to constructing metamodels and deriving methodologies from them based on the concept of powertype is introduced, which allows the seamless integration of process, modelling and documentational aspects of methodologies.
Turbulent Penetrative Convection
Turbulence is important to hydraulic and environmental engineers and essential to the emerging understanding of natural processes of fluid mixing in pollution and meteorology. This text reviews the
A new formula for latent heat of vaporization of water as a function of temperature
Existing formulae and approximations for the latent heat of vaporization of water, Lv, are reviewed. Using an analytical approximation to the saturated vapour pressure as a function of temperature, a