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Environmental tax policy and intergenerational distribution
Abstract We study the effects of environmental taxation within the context of an overlapping generations model. The quality of the environment is modelled as a durable consumption good. IntroductionExpand
Foundations of Modern Macroeconomics
Highlights of this new edition: DT Chapters substantially revised to reflect current thinking in macroeconomics DT Includes 31 boxed case studies that are easily cross-referenced DT New materialExpand
Monopolistic Competition and Optimum Product Diversity: Comment
The model of Avinash Dixit and Joseph E. Stiglitz (1977) (DS hereafter) has received more and more attention from economists in the past decade and can now be regarded as the central model ofExpand
The paper employs an extended Yaari-Blanchard model of overlapping generations to study how the macroeconomy is affected over time by various demographic changes. It is shown that a proportionalExpand
Eastern Enlargement of the EU: Jobs, Investment and Welfare in Present Member Countries
Eastern enlargement of the EU promises gains, but also imposes fiscal costs on incumbent countries. A sensitive issue concerns immigration, jobs and wages. We address these issues in a generalExpand
Environmental Abatement and Intergenerational Distribution
This paper employs an overlapping-generations model to explore the impactof public abatement on private investment and the intergenerationaldistribution of welfare. Whereas public abatement benefitsExpand
The Dynamic Macroeconomic Effects of Tax Policy in an Overlapping Generations Model
The paper studies the dynamic allocation effects of tax policy in the context of an overlapping generations model of the Blanchard-Yaari type. The model is extended to allow for endogenous laborExpand
Keeping up with the Ageing Joneses
In this paper we consider the implications of relative consumption externalities in the Blanchard-Yaari overlapping generations framework. Unlike most of the macroeconomic literature that studiesExpand
A Life-Cycle Overlapping-Generations Model of the Small Open Economy
We construct an overlapping generations model for the small open economy incorporating a realistic description of the mortality process. With age-dependent mortality, the typical life-cycle patternExpand
Fiscal Policy, Monopolistic Competition, and Finite Lives
The paper studies the short-run, transitional, and long-run output effects of permanent and temporary shocks in public consumption under various financing methods.To this end, a dynamic macroeconomicExpand