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Subjective Economic Well-Being in Eastern Europe
This paper analyses subjective economic well-being in several Eastern European countries from 1991 to 1995. Economic well-being explains a significant part of the variation in overall lifeExpand
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Inflation Culture, Central Bank Independence and Price Stability
This paper proposes that central bank independence alone is insufficient to explain low inflation. It argues instead that central bank independence may be interconnected with public attitudes towardsExpand
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Happiness in transition: An empirical study on Eastern Europe
This paper analyzes the determinants of life satisfaction in a pooled data set of representative individual survey data from seven East European countries collected during the early phase of economicExpand
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The macroeconomic effects of legislated tax changes in Germany
This paper studies the short-term macroeconomic effects of legislated tax changes in Germany using a five-variable vector autoregression (VAR) framework. Identification of the tax shock follows aExpand
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Determinants of European Stock Market Integration
We analyse the determinants of stock market integration among EU member states for the period 1999–2007. First, we apply bivariate DCC-MGARCH models to extract dynamic conditional correlationsExpand
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Public support for creating a market economy in Eastern Europe
Abstract Employing two large databases, we analyze the determinants of public support for the creation of a market economy in Eastern Europe. From a macroeconomic perspective inflation, unemployment,Expand
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Comparing monetary policy reaction functions: ECB versus Bundesbank
This paper compares the European Central Bank’s (ECB) conduct of monetary policy with that of the Bundesbank. Estimated monetary policy reaction functions show that the ECB reacts similarly toExpand
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The Impact of News, Oil Prices, and Global Market Developments on Russian Financial Markets
This paper analyzes the impact of news, oil prices, and international financial market developments on daily returns on Russian bond and stock markets. First, regarding returns, energy news affectsExpand
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Money-output Granger causality revisited: an empirical analysis of EU countries
In this paper, the evidence collected in the large literature on testing for Granger-causality from money to output is revisited. Using a broad data base of 14 EU countries plus Canada, the US andExpand
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Daily pricing of emerging market sovereign CDS before and during the global financial crisis
In this paper, we study the determinants of daily spreads for emerging market sovereign credit default swaps (CDSs) over the period April 2002–December 2011. Using GARCH models, we find, first, thatExpand
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