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On the Nature of Salafi thought and Action1
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Saudi Arabia in transition : insights on social, political, economic and religious change
1. Introduction Bernard Haykel, Thomas Hegghammer and Stephane Lacroix Part I. Politics: 2. Rentier exceptionalism: oil and political mobilization in Saudi Arabia Gregory Gause 3. The dogma ofExpand
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ISIS and al-Qaeda—What Are They Thinking? Understanding the Adversary
The ideologies of al-Qaeda and the Islamic State are rooted in larger historical trends that have to do with the rise of Islamism in the Arab world and its authoritarian politics. This articleExpand
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Revival and reform in Islam : the legacy of Muhammad al-Shawkā̄nī
1. Charismatic authority: the Qasimi Imamate in the seventeenth century 2. Becoming a dynasty: the Qasimimi Imamate in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries 3. The absolute interpreter andExpand
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What Makes a Maḏhab a Maḏhab: Zaydī debates on the structure of legal authority
Abstract Over the centuries Zaydīs have been called upon to respond to a series of challenges from within and without to the internal cohesion of their tradition. Noting that Zaydīs did not commonlyExpand
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Order and righteousness : Muhammad ʻAli al-Shawkānī and the nature of the Islamic state of Yemen
ORDER AND RIGHTEOUSNESS: Muhammad 'AH al-Shawkanl and the Nature of the Islamic State in Yemen Bernard A. Haykel Magdalen College Thesis submitted to the University of Oxford for the D.Phil.Expand
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