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Metrical Stress Theory: Principles and Case Studies
In this account of metrical stress theory, Bruce Hayes builds on the notion that stress constitutes linguistic rhythm - that stress patterns are rhythmically organized, and that formal structuresExpand
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Compensatory Lengthening in Moraic Phonology
Representation phonologique du niveau prosodique, contenant une seule unite correspondant a la notion traditionnelle de more dans un cadre metrique
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Rules vs. analogy in English past tenses: a computational/experimental study
Are morphological patterns learned in the form of rules? Some models deny this, attributing all morphology to analogical mechanisms. The dual mechanism model (Pinker, S., & Prince, A. (1998). OnExpand
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A metrical theory of stress rules
Thesis (Ph.D.)--Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dept. of Linguistics and Philosophy, 1980.
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The prosodic hierarchy of an utterance is determined by its syntactic structure but is not identical to it. Expand
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A Maximum Entropy Model of Phonotactics and Phonotactic Learning
We propose a theory of phonotactic Grammars and a learning algorithm that constructs such grammars from positive evidence. Expand
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Bengali intonational phonology
This paper proposes a phonological analysis of the Bengali intonational system, using a descriptive framework developed by Pierrehumbert (1980) and others. Expand
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Inalterability in CV Phonology
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Natural and Unnatural Constraints in Hungarian Vowel Harmony
Phonological constraints can, in principle, be classified according to whether they are natural (founded in principles of universal grammar (UG)) or unnatural (arbitrary, learned inductively from theExpand
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Hayes Phonological Acquisition in OptimalityTheory : The Early Stages p . 2 Phonological Acquisition in Optimality Theory : The Early Stages
Recent experimental work indicates that by the age of ten months, infants have already learned a great deal about the phonotactics (legal sounds and sound sequences) of their language. This learningExpand
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