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Changes in hypopharyngeal airway space and in tongue and hyoid bone positions following the surgical correction of mandibular prognathism.
This study was aimed at measuring the changes in the hyoid bone position, tongue position, and hypopharyngeal airway space in subjects with mandibular setback osteotomies. Lateral cephalometricExpand
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Changes in alveolar bone thickness due to retraction of anterior teeth.
In cases of bimaxillary protrusion, extraction of 4 premolars and orthodontic treatment with retraction of the anterior teeth is a widely used approach. However, there is controversy over whether theExpand
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Functional regulator therapy in treatment of skeletal open-bite.
A study was performed on the functional regulator, Fränkel appliance (FR4) in order to test its efficiency in the treatment of patients with skeletal open-bite. Pretreatment and post-treatmentExpand
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Short-term effects of fiberotomy on relapse of anterior crowding.
The effects of fiberotomy were evaluated in alleviating dental relapse of incisors after orthodontic treatment. The study sample consisted of 23 patients with crowded maxillary and mandibularExpand
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Effects of retainers on the articulation of speech.
Articulation abilities of 15 patients were evaluated at the end of orthodontic treatment with the initiation of removable upper and lower retainer wear. A test of articulation, based on consonantsExpand
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Delayed tooth formation in low birthweight African-American children.
Low birthweight (LBW) infants are susceptible to several developmental problems (e.g., pulmonary diseases, hyperbilirubinemia, hypocalcemia) with potentially long-lasting effects that slow growthExpand
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Comparison of shear bond strength of three bonding agents with metal and ceramic brackets.
Shear bond strengths of a light-cured composite resin, a light-cured glass ionomer cement, and a light-cured compomer used with metal and ceramic brackets were compared, and ARI scores wereExpand
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An indirect method for bonding lingual retainers.
  • B. Haydar, S. Haydar
  • Materials Science, Medicine
  • Journal of clinical orthodontics : JCO
  • 1 October 2001
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Occlusal contact changes after the active phase of orthodontic treatment.
Occlusal contacts in maximum intercuspidation were recorded at the end of active orthodontic treatment and 3 months into the retention period. Hawley retainer, tooth positioner, and nontreated normalExpand
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Orthodontic intervention in adult patients as an adjunct to prosthetic and restorative dentistry.
Combined orthodontic-prosthodontic procedures will enhance the results of restorative treatment in adult patients. Restoration of malposed teeth using prostheses alone will fail both esthetically andExpand
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