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Abstract The lipopolysaccharide of Bordetella pertussis is capable of engendering a heightened sensitivity to histamine in the white mouse, although not to the same degree as the intact bacteria. AExpand
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Sarcomas induced by injection of simian virus 40 into neonatal CFW mice.
Sarcomas were induced in CFW mice by the iv inoculation of simian virus 40 (SV40) in neonatal animals. Infection with murine malaria parasites, Plasmodium berghei yoelli, decreased the latency andExpand
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Skin transplantation in pyridoxine-deficient mice.
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Anaphylaxis in Peromyscus leucopus mice.
Abstract Five strains of laboratory mice (Mus musculus) were readily sensitized by the pertussis technique; an anaphylactic mortality of 60 to 100 per cent resulted following challenge. By contrast,Expand
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The effect of ACTH and cortisone on the quantitative precipitin reaction.
Summary Rabbits were treated with ACTH and cortisone given in physiologically significant doses prior to and during the period of immunization with bovine serum albumin. The behavior of the reactionExpand
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Anaphylactic shock in the mouse vaccinated with Hemophilus pertussis. III. Antigens. antibody and passive transfer studies.
Summary 1.Bovine serum and crystalline egg albumin (Ea) when mixed with Hemophilus pertussis phase I organisms and inoculated intraperitoneally proved to be strong antigens in that a high percentageExpand
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Anaphylactic shock in the pertussis-vaccinated mouse.
Abstract 1.1. It has been confirmed that H. pertussis vaccination of white mice produces a fiftyfold increase in histamine sensitivity. 2.2. Brucella abortus vaccine enhanced histamine sensitivity toExpand
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Histamine Sensitivity and Anaphylaxis in the Pertussis-Vaccinated Rat.∗
Summary Inoculation of the white rat with Hemophilus pertussis increases its sensitivity to histamine. Pertussis mixed with horse serum markedly enhances the ability of the antigen to produceExpand
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The use of adjuvants in sensitization of the mouse.
Abstract Particulate adjuvants, such as India ink, kaolin, and zymosan, were capable of enhancing anaphylactic sensitization in the mouse to a foreign protein antigen. Sensitization by the above wasExpand
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Anaphylactic Shock in the Pertussis Vaccinated Mouse
Summary 1. It has been confirmed that H. pertussis vaccination of white mice produces a 50-fold increase in histamine sensitivity. 2. Mice immunized by an intraperitoneal injection of a mixture of H.Expand
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