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On the correlation between heterozygosity and fitness in natural populations
Three primary hypotheses currently prevail for correlations between heterozygosity at a set of molecular markers and fitness in natural populations. First, multilocus heterozygosity–fitnessExpand
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An analysis of some deontic logics
The purpose of this article is to investigate the structure and to discuss the applications of deontic logics of von Wright’s type as presented in [15] and [19]. The ‘paradoxes’ which arise in theseExpand
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Performance of Marker-Based Relatedness Estimators in Natural Populations of Outbred Vertebrates
Knowledge of relatedness between pairs of individuals plays an important role in many research areas including evolutionary biology, quantitative genetics, and conservation. Pairwise relatednessExpand
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Measuring the Contribution of Public Infrastructure Capital in Sweden
Our purpose in this paper is to examine how one might evaluate and measure the contribution of public infrastructure capital on private sector output and productivity growth in Sweden. We do this byExpand
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Factors affecting the productivity of building craftsmen ‐ studies of Uganda
Abstract Poor productivity of construction workers is one of the causes of cost and time overruns in construction projects. The productivity of labour is particularly important especially inExpand
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Temporal dynamics and diversity of avian malaria parasites in a single host species.
1. We have used molecular methods to unravel a remarkable diversity of parasite lineages in a long-term population study of great reed warblers Acrocephalus arundinaceus that was not foreseen fromExpand
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Selection for Heterozygosity Gives Hope to a Wild Population of Inbred Wolves
Recent analyses have questioned the usefulness of heterozygosity estimates as measures of the inbreeding coefficient (f), a finding that may have dramatic consequences for the management ofExpand
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Abstract The orchid Ophrys sphegodes Miller is pollinated by sexually excited males of the solitary bee Andrena nigroaenea, which are lured to the flowers by visual cues and volatile semiochemicals.Expand
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Dynamics of parasitemia of malaria parasites in a naturally and experimentally infected migratory songbird, the great reed warbler Acrocephalus arundinaceus.
Little is known about the development of infection of malaria parasites of the genus Plasmodium in wild birds. We used qPCR, targeting specific mitochondrial lineages of Plasmodium ashfordi (GRW2)Expand
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Microsatellite diversity predicts recruitment of sibling great reed warblers
Inbreeding increases the level of homozygosity, which in turn might depress fitness. In addition, individuals having the same inbreeding coefficient (e.g. siblings) vary in homozygosity. TheExpand
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