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Urinary tract infection, day wetting and other voiding symptoms in seven‐to eight‐year‐old Danish children
In this cross‐sectional epidemiological questionnaire survey of 7–8‐y‐old Danish school entrants with focus on voiding habits, 29% were found to have symptoms that could suggest that bladder controlExpand
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Cohort profile: the Copenhagen School Health Records Register.
The Copenhagen School Health Records Register(CSHRR) is a database of health examination infor-mation on more than 350000 schoolchildren who everattended school in the central municipality ofExpand
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Training physicians in counseling about smoking cessation. A randomized trial of the "Quit for Life" program.
STUDY OBJECTIVE To test whether physicians who receive a continuing education program ("Quit for Life") about how to counsel smokers to quit would counsel smokers more effectively and have higherExpand
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Smoking counseling and preventive medicine. A survey of internists in private practices and a health maintenance organization.
Physicians could help a large number of patients quit smoking by taking time to advise them about quitting, helping them plan a date to quit, giving them self-help materials, following up, andExpand
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A Golgi study of the superficial pyramidal cells in the somatosensory cortex of socially reared old adult rats
Following a series of investigations into the appearance of the basal dendritic skirt of pyramidal cells in the supragranular layers of the occipital cortex of the aged rat, we now extend ourExpand
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Overweight and obesity trends in Copenhagen schoolchildren from 2002 to 2007
Aim:  The purpose of this study is to monitor the prevalence trend in overweight and obesity among Copenhagen schoolchildren from the school years 2002 to 2007.
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Free condoms in the schools of Copenhagen, Denmark.
Attitudes of ninth grade students and their classroom teachers toward using condoms as a preventive measure against contracting AIDS were studied. Students (N = 438) and their teachers (N = 28) inExpand
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Experimental design for assessment of electrokinetically enhanced delivery of lactate and bacteria in 1,2-cis-dichloroethylene contaminated limestone
Abstract Bacterial dechlorination of chlorinated solvents often causes accumulation of the intermediate cis-DCE. Back diffusion of e.g. cis-DCE, due to the dual porosity of limestone, often limitsExpand
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Varves in a Proglacial Lake, Sermilik, South East Greenland/Meterological Observations at Arctic Station, Qeqertarsuaq (Godhavn), Central West Greenland/Den Danske Nationalkomité for Geografi 1994–95
Danish Journal of Geography 95: 92–96, 1995. Three cores collected from a proglacial lake with an Axelsson corer are x-rayed. The stratification is interpreted as varves. The cores cover periods ofExpand
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