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A canine model for determination of the therapeutic index of cytokine inhibitors.
Using tumor necrosis factor inhibition in dog blood as a measure of efficacy, and canine emesis as aMeasure of toxicity, a therapeutic index was assigned to rolipram, a prototypic anti-inflammatory compound on the basis of its activity in a canine efficacy model (TNF inhibition and a toxicity model (emesis induction). Expand
Effect of Sustained Release of Procyclidine and Physostigmine, as a Combinational Prophylactic Regimen for Organophosphate Poisoning, on Active Avoidance Behavior in Guinea Pigs
Sustained release of procyclidine at the doses of less than 432 ㎍/㎏/hr did not impair the cognitive function in guinea pigs, and the combinational prophylactic composed of pro cyclidine and physostigmine did not affect the behavioral indices. Expand