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Market value and patent citations
We explore the usefulness of patent citations as a measure of the "importance" of a firm's patents, as indicated by the stock market valuation of the firm's intangible stock of knowledge. UsingExpand
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Econometric Models for Count Data with an Application to the Patents-R&D Relationship
This paper focuses on developing and adapting statistical models of counts (non-negative integers) in the context of panel data and using them to analyze the relationship between patents and R&DExpand
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Is Public R&D a Complement or Substitute for Private R&D? A Review of the Econometric Evidence
Is public R&D spending complementary and thus “additional” to private R&D spending, or does it substitute for and tend to “crowd out” private R&D? Conflicting answers are given to this question. WeExpand
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The patent paradox revisited: an empirical study of patenting in the U
Methods and apparatus are disclosed for continuous mixing of formulations for urethane products. A hydroxyl mixture and isocyanate, the major foam components, are supplied to a mixer. In the mixer,Expand
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Estimation and Inference in Nonlinear Structural Models
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The Financing of R&D and Innovation
Evidence on the "funding gap" for investment innovation is surveyed. The focus is on financial market reasons for underinvestment that exist even when externality-induced underinvestment is absent.Expand
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Exploring the Relationship between R&D and Productivity in French Manufacturing Firms
This paper uses a newly available dataset on the R&D performance of individual French manufacturing firms for the 1980s to replicate and update a series of studies on French R&D and productivityExpand
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The Relationship between Firm Size and Firm Growth in the U.S. Manufacturing Sector
Using panel data on the publicly traded firms in the U.S. manufacturing sector in the recent past, the author finds that most of the change in employment at the firm level in any given year isExpand
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Exploring the Patent Explosion
This paper looks more closely at the sources of patent growth in the United States since 1984. It confirms that the increase is largely due to U.S. patenters, with an earlier surge in Asia, and someExpand
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