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Neural Machine Translation of Rare Words with Subword Units
In this paper, we introduce a simpler and more effective approach, making the NMT model capable of open-vocabulary translation by encoding rare and unknown words as sequences of subword units. Expand
Improving Neural Machine Translation Models with Monolingual Data
Neural Machine Translation (NMT) has obtained state-of-the art performance for several language pairs, while only using parallel data for training. Expand
Edinburgh Neural Machine Translation Systems for WMT 16
We participated in the WMT 2016 shared news translation task by building neural translation systems for four language pairs, each trained in both directions: English Czech, English German, English Romanian and English Russian. Expand
Nematus: a Toolkit for Neural Machine Translation
We present Nematus, a toolkit for Neural Machine Translation. The toolkit prioritizes high translation accuracy, usability, and extensibility. Nematus has been used to build top-performingExpand
Controlling Politeness in Neural Machine Translation via Side Constraints
We propose a simple and effective method for including target-side T-V annotation in the training of a neural machine translation (NMT) system, which allows us to control the level of politeness at test time through side constraints. Expand
Findings of the 2013 Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation
We present the results of the WMT13 shared tasks, which included a translation task, a task for run-time estimation of machine translation quality, and an unofficial metrics task. Expand
Linguistic Input Features Improve Neural Machine Translation
Neural machine translation has recently achieved impressive results, while using little in the way of external linguistic information. Expand
Evaluating Discourse Phenomena in Neural Machine Translation
In this article, we present hand-crafted, discourse test sets, designed to test the models' ability to exploit previous source and target sentences. Expand
Findings of the 2014 Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation
This paper presents the results of the WMT14 shared tasks, which included a standard news translation task, a separate medical translation task and a metrics task. Expand
Findings of the 2018 Conference on Machine Translation (WMT18)
This paper presents the results of the premier shared task organized alongside the Conference on Machine Translation (WMT). Expand