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The genus Laminaria sensu lato : recent insights and developments
This review about the genus Laminaria sensu lato summarizes the extensive literature that has been published since the overview of the genus given by Kain in 1979. The recent proposal to divide theExpand
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Effect of increased irradiance and thermal stress on the symbiosis of Symbiodinium microadriaticum and Tridacna gigas
Abstract The impetus for this study was the mass bleaching event of giant clams in 1997–1998 at several reefs in the Great Barrier Reef (GBR, Australia). From September until December 1999, the studyExpand
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Response of offshore cultivated Laminaria saccharina to hydrodynamic forcing in the North Sea
Abstract The aim of the presented investigation was to test the sensibility of macroalgal aquaculture in offshore wind farms in the North Sea and to find arguments for the choice of appropriate sitesExpand
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More than 50% of the annual worldwide harvest of mussels is produced in Europe. The mussel cultivation in Germany is based on an extensive on-bottom culture and depends entirely on natural resourcesExpand
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The offshore-ring: A new system design for the open ocean aquaculture of macroalgae
Mass culture of benthic macroalgae under rough offshore conditions in the North Sea requires rigid culture support systems that cannot only withstand rough weather conditions but can also beExpand
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Experimental trials on the feasibility of offshore seed production of the mussel Mytilus edulis in the German Bight: installation, technical requirements and environmental conditions
  • B. H. Buck
  • Biology
  • Helgoland Marine Research
  • 20 January 2007
This study summarizes the activities and findings during a 2 year investigation on the grow-out of blue mussels (Mytilus edulis) and the technical requirements to withstand harsh weather conditionsExpand
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Biochemical and elemental composition of the offshore-cultivated oysters Ostrea edulis and Crassostrea gigas
article i nfo Offshore production of seafood is a promising approach to evade numerous specific problems related to aquacul- ture activities in coastal areas. The aimof thisstudy was to investigateExpand
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Extensive open ocean aquaculture development within wind farms in Germany: the prospect of offshore co-management and legal constraints
In the offshore region of Germany, human activity is increasing in type and intensity. Larger portions of the sea are sectioned off, dedicated for specific, often exclusive uses that cause risingExpand
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Reflections on integrating operation and maintenance activities of offshore wind farms and Mariculture
Offshore waters are in a process of transition, revealing diverse and heterogenic interests in marine resources. This increasing complexity leads to limits in developing and managing the differentExpand
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Bivalve aquaculture transfers in Atlantic Europe. Part A: transfer activities and legal framework
Intentional transfers of numerous bivalve species have had a long tradition and are commonly conducted along the European Atlantic coast. However numerous studies have concluded that intentionalExpand
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