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A behavioural analysis of phase change in the desert locust
It is argued that a fully integrated study of behavioural phase change provides a powerful tool for understanding both the mechanisms of phase change and locust population dynamics, both of which offer possibilities for improved management and control of desert locust plagues.
Gregarious behavior in desert locusts is evoked by touching their back legs
It is concluded that a primary cause of the switch in behavior that seeds the formation of locust swarms is individuals regularly touching others on the hind legs within populations that have become concentrated by the environment.
Dietary mixing in three generalist herbivores: nutrient complementation or toxin dilution?
It is argued that there is no easy way to distinguish between the two hypotheses on the basis of consumption and performance measurements, as has previously been proposed, and where in the sequence from ingestion to growth single diets caused differences from mixed diets.
Genetic and environmental-based variability in secondary metabolite leaf content of Adenostyles alliariae and A. alpina (Asteraceae) : a test of the resource availability hypothesis
It is concluded that selection on allelochemical content is possible in some populations, whereas in other populations evolutionary processes must have fixed the level of allelocemical content in the two species.
Sesquiterpenes from the Senecioneae and their effect on food choice of the specialised leaf beetles Oreina cacaliae, Oreina speciosissima and the generalist snail Arianta arbustorum
The occurrence of sesquiterpenes of the furanoere-mophilane type (hereafter STs) in plants of the tribe Senecioneae (Asteraceae) has been known since the sixties and there found to be reliable systematic traits.
Long-Term Effects on Food Choice of Land Snail Arianta arbustorum Mediated by Petasin and Furanopetasin, Two Sesquiterpenes from Petasites hybridus
When the snails had experience with the relevant ST one week before a choice test, their sensitivity towards petasine and furanopetasine increased whereas for the other ST it remained at the same level, speculate that this sensitivity increase could be the result of a rapid long-term associative learning process.
Determinants of seasonal feeding of the generalist snail Arianta arbustorum at six sites dominated by Senecioneae
We investigated the diet constituents of Arianta arbustorum by means of faecal analysis and regressed their quantity on the availability and quality of food plants. We studied six sites, all
Method for controlling a parking brake system of an automatic transmission of a vehicle
Method for controlling a parking brake system of an automatic transmission of a vehicle, wherein a parking lock only be inserted or a function to engage the parking lock is only activated when a