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Chart of accessible regions in reciprocal space when beam‐to‐crystal surface angles are limited
A chart has been constructed which shows accessible regions of reciprocal space when the angles between the crystal face and both the incident and diffracted beams are limited to ≥ δ° and the normalExpand
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An X-ray diffraction study of the thermal vibration of atoms in beta-tin
Modulation of Renninger scan intensity: A new x‐ray technique to characterize epitaxial structures
We have demonstrated a new x‐ray diffraction technique to characterize epitaxial structures. It makes use of Renninger scans [Z. Phys. 106, 141–176 (1937)] in which a crystal is rotated about theExpand
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Bragg's law with refraction
Expressions for Bragg's law have been derived for the general case of Bragg diffraction in which an incident beam strikes a crystal surface at an angle α, is then diffracted by planes inclined to theExpand
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A proton resonance magnetic field stabilizer using a quartz stabilized reference frequency
Abstract An NMR stabilization for an electro-magnet has been built. The NMR frequency is held at a pilot frequency derived from a quartz oscillator. The unit is being used for fields between 0.7 andExpand
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