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Advanced graphics programming techniques using opengl
This advanced course demonstrates sophisticated and novel computer graphics programming techniques, implemented in C using the widely available OpenGL library, to gain a deeper insight into OpenGL functionality and computer graphics concepts, while expanding their “toolbox” of useful OpenGL techniques. Expand
Performance OpenGL: platform independent techniques or
This course focuses on teaching tools and techniques for the analysis and development of high-performance interactive graphics-applications, and introduces the concept of OpenGL's validation phase, and how this hidden operation can rob perfectly legitimate, well-written OpenGL applications of their performance. Expand
When will ray-tracing replace rasterization?
Both GPU and CPU hardware grow faster each year and increased GPU performance facilitates new techniques for interactive realism, including high polygon counts, multipass rendering, and texture-intensive techniques such as bumpmapping and shadows. Expand
What 3D API for Java should I use and why? (panel)
Application programmers may use Java bindings to OpenGL++, a scene graph toolkit for OpenGLtm, to render and to provide interaction with 3D objects and scenes. OpenGL++ provides interaction featuresExpand
OpenGL Cookbook