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Tilings and Patterns
"Remarkable...It will surely remain the unique reference in this area for many years to come." Roger Penrose , Nature "...an outstanding achievement in mathematical education." Bulletin of The London
Arrangements and Spreads
Introduction Arrangements of lines Arrangements of pseudolines and arrangements of curves Spreads of curves References Notes added in proof.
Configurations of Points and Lines
This is the only book on the topic of geometric configurations of points and lines. It presents in detail the history of the topic, with its surges and declines since its beginning in 1876. It covers
Acyclic colorings of planar graphs
A coloring of the vertices of a graph byk colors is called acyclic provided that no circuit is bichromatic. We prove that every planar graph has an acyclic coloring with nine colors, and conjecture
A catalogue of simplicial arrangements in the real projective plane
The present paper updates the only previous catalogue of simplicial arrangements, published almost 40 years ago, and presented in a very condensed form.
Satins and Twills: An Introduction to the Geometry of Fabrics
Weaving is one of the oldest activities of mankind and so it is hardly surprising that there exists a vast literature on the subject. But this literature is almost entirely concerned with the
Vertices Missed by Longest Paths or Circuits