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Spatial Market Integration in the Presence of Threshold Effects
Threshold cointegration models are used to evaluate spatial price dynamics among regional corn and soybean markets in North Carolina. Thresholds, reflecting the influences of transactions costs, areExpand
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Spatial price analysis
Agricultural commodities are typically produced over an extensive spatial area and are costly to transport relative to their total value. These characteristics yield a complex set of spatial priceExpand
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An Empirical Analysis of the Demand for Multiple Peril Crop Insurance
Knowledge of factors affecting farmer purchases of crop insurance is essential for evaluating the soundness and profitability of crop insurance programs. Despite this importance, the demand for cropExpand
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Nonparametric Estimation of Crop Yield Distributions: Implications for Rating Group�?Risk Crop Insurance Contracts
We use nonparametric density estimation procedures to evaluate county-level crop yield distributions. Implications for rating area-yield crop insurance contracts are discussed. The proceduresExpand
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Cointegration Tests and Spatial Price Linkages in Regional Cattle Markets
This analysis empirically evaluates spatial linkages in regional cattle markets using cointegration tests of regional price series. Several markets were not cointegrated over the 1980 through 1987Expand
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Farm Income Variability and the Supply of Off�?Farm Labor
If farmers are risk averse, greater farm income variability should increase off-farm labor supply. This effect is confirmed for a sample of Kansas farmers. Off-farm employment of farmers and theirExpand
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Are “Decoupled�? Farm Program Payments Really Decoupled? An Empirical Evaluation
This analysis utilizes farm-level data to evaluate the extent to which U.S. farm program benefits, particularly direct payments, bring about distortions in production. The issue is important in WTOExpand
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Analysis of Price Transmission Along the Food Chain
The interest in marketing margins and price transmission has recently gained remarkable momentum and the amount of studies on this subject is rapidly growing. There is a myriad of questions aboutExpand
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Price Transmission and Asymmetric Adjustment in the U.S. Beef Sector
The U.S. livestock sector has experienced numerous structural changes in recent years. For example, the meatpacking industry has experienced many mergers and acquisitions leading to significantExpand
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Human Capital, Producer Education Programs, and the Adoption of Forward-Pricing Methods
Using a sample of 509 Kansas producers, we evaluate factors affecting adoption of forward pricing methods. We focus on producers' human capital accumulation and its effect on adoption ofExpand
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