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Modeling biocide action against biofilms
A phenomenological model of biocide action against microbial biofilms was derived. Processes incorporated in the model include bulk flow in and out of a well‐mixed reactor, transport of dissolvedExpand
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The Pre-Telescopic Treatment of the Phases and Apparent Size of Venus
La theorie de Ptolemee et Copernic concernant la position de Venus s'est revelee exacte. Cependant, les observations au telescope ont demontre l'existence de phases de lumiere, et la surestimation deExpand
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On the Babylonian Discovery of the Periods of Lunar Motion
A most impressive achievement in Babylonian astronomy was the development of lunar theories that yielded very good results enabling the Babylonians to compute lunar eclipses with great success. IExpand
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Copernicus and the Origin of his Heliocentric System
L'introduction d'un systeme heliocentrique par Copernic etait a l'epoque consideree comme revolutionnaire pour la cosmologie traditionnelle et apparait comme etant un evenement globalement marquantExpand
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Theological Foundations of Kepler's Astronomy
Dans cette etude, l'auteur presente brievement l'environnement intellectuel et historique necessaires a la comprehension de l'oeuvre de Kepler et engage ensuite une discussion sur l'importance de laExpand
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A New View of Early Greek Astronomy
THE STANDARD HISTORY OF GREEK ASTRONOMY emphasizes the role of planetary theory in its earlier stages, by supposing that the early astronomers aimed primarily to explain planetary phenomena. ThisExpand
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Symmetry and asymmetry in electrodynamics from Rowland to Einstein
Abstract Halfway through the paper in which he laid down the foundations for the theory of special relativity, Einstein concludes that “the asymmetry mentioned in the Introduction … disappears.”Expand
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