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A Brief Measure of Vocational Activity and Community Participation: Development and Reliability of the Activity and Participation Questionnaire
Objectives: Social and economic marginalization are significant problems for many people living with mental illness. Clinicians and policy-makers have increased their focus on these aspects ofExpand
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A multi-site randomised controlled trial of evidence-based supported employment for adults with severe and persistent mental illness.
BACKGROUND/AIM The Individual Placement and Support (IPS) approach is an evidence-based form of supported employment for people with severe and persistent mental illness. This approach is not yetExpand
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Enhancing Community Mental Health Services Through Formal Partnerships With Supported Employment Providers
To argue that public-funded mental health services can provide better value for the community by becoming more recovery and social inclusion oriented. One way to achieve this is to implementExpand
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Significant relationship between lifetime alcohol use disorders and suicide attempts in an Australian schizophrenia sample
Objective: Suicide and attempted suicide are common in individuals with schizophrenia, and evidence exists for a link between substance use disorders and suicidality in this disorder. However,Expand
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Personal experiences of people with serious mental illness when seeking, obtaining and maintaining competitive employment in Queensland, Australia.
BACKGROUND High non-participation in the labour force and unemployment remain challenging for adults with serious mental illness. OBJECTIVES This study examined the personal experiences of peopleExpand
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Treatment priority for suicide ideation and behaviours at an Australian emergency department.
AIM To investigate the treatment priority given to self-harmers presenting to a hospital emergency department (ED) in Queensland, Australia, over the period 2005-2010. METHODS The main outcomeExpand
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The Reliability of an Education-related Self-efficacy Scale for People with Psychiatric Disabilities
We investigated the reliability of the Education-related Self Efficacy Scale (ESS-40), a measure of self-efficacy at a core task level designed for people with psychiatric disabilities. SixtyExpand
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Reliability of Health Professionals' Perceptions of Employment for People with Severe Mental Illness
The aim was to assess the initial psychometric properties of a survey designed to measure health professionals' perceptions of an integrated supported employment program as a contributor to recoveryExpand
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Reliability and validity of a measure of role functioning among people with psychiatric disabilities.
AIM The aim was to investigate the reliability and validity of the Socially Valued Role Classification Scale (SRCS), a domain-specific measure of role functioning designed for use with communityExpand
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Reliability of a scale of work-related self-efficacy for people with psychiatric disabilities
Work-related self-efficacy at a core task level fits with the social cognitive career theory explaining the career development of people with severe mental illness. The aim of this study was toExpand
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