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Cestodes of small mammals: Taxonomy and life cycles
This chapter is introductory and not exhaustive, and its aim is to introduce the reader to the biology of cestodes and to present the basic components of their diversity in rodents, insectivores, lagomorphs and chiropterans as well as the major patterns of cESTode life cycles, in which these mammalian groups participate.
Ultrastructure of spermiogenesis and the mature spermatozoon of Tetrabothrius erostris Loennberg, 1896 (Cestoda, Tetrabothriidae).
The pattern of spermiogenesis resembles most closely that in phyllobothriid tetraphyllideans, and probably reflects a relationship of the family Tetrabothriidae with this group.
First record of metacestodes of Mesocestoides sp. in the common starling (Sturnus vulgaris) in Europe, with an 18S rDNA characterisation of the isolate.
Metacestodes of Mesocestoides sp. were recorded from Sturnus vulgaris (Passeriformes: Stumidae) in the Czech Republic in April 2002. They were found in a cutaneous cyst and in the thoracic region of
Paranoplocephala aquatica n. sp. (Cestoda, Anoplocephalidae) from Arvicola terrestris and Ondatra zibethica (Rodentia), with redescriptions and comments on related species
Paranoplocephala aquatica n. sp. is described from Arvicola terrestris and Ondatra zibethica (Rodentia, Cricetidae) in Bulgaria. The new species is characterised by a band-like strobila, a uterus
Cestode parasitism in invasive and native brine shrimps (Artemia spp.) as a possible factor promoting the rapid invasion of A. franciscana in the Mediterranean region
It is suggested that cestodes may influence competitive interactions between native and invasive brine shrimps, thus partly explaining the invasive success of A. franciscana.
Morphology and molecules reveal the alien Posthodiplostomum centrarchi Hoffman, 1958 as the third species of Posthodiplostomum Dubois, 1936 (Digenea: Diplostomidae) in Europe
The subspecies Posthodiplostomum minimum centrarchi Hoffmann, 1958, originally described from North America, is elevated to the species level as Posthodhodiplastomum centr archi Hoffman, 1958 and is recognised as belonging to the same species.
Cestodes from Artemia parthenogenetica (Crustacea, Branchiopoda) in the Odiel Marshes, Spain: A systematic survey of cysticercoids
This study provides the first record of Anomotaenia tringae in an intermediate host and the first records of C. podicipina, E. avoceti, A.tringae and G. stammeri in Spain.