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A case study of a five-year-old child with pervasive developmental disorder-not otherwise specified using sound-based interventions.
  • Amy Nwora, B. Gee
  • Psychology, Medicine
    Occupational therapy international
  • 1 March 2009
The aim of this study was to determine the efficacy of The Listening Program in treating a child with pervasive developmental disorder-not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS), and results indicated improved behaviour and sensory tolerance in the post-intervention video footage.
Efficacy of a sound-based intervention with a child with an autism spectrum disorder and auditory sensory over-responsivity.
The results indicated that the participant exhibited a decrease in the number of negative and self-stimulatory behaviours, which may have been due to the therapeutic effect of the repeated exposure to the Sensory Over-Responsivity Scales or The Listening Program SBI.
Reassessment of historic ‘microsaurs’ from Joggins, Nova Scotia, reveals hidden diversity in the earliest amniote ecosystem
‘Microsaurs’ are traditionally considered to be lepospondyl non‐amniotes, but recent analyses have recovered a subset of ‘microsaurs’, the fossorially adapted Recumbirostra, within Amniota. This
The effectiveness of auditory stimulation in children with autism spectrum disorders: A case–control study
The results lend some support to the use of TLP with children on the autism spectrum who are experiencing auditory SOR.
Paediatric occupational therapists' use of sound-based interventions: a survey study.
Paediatric OTs are using SBIs in a variety of practice settings, with children with a variety-of-medical and developmental conditions, and primarily use a subjective assessment process for determining effectiveness.
Cranial and Postcranial Anatomy of Cacops Morrisi, a Eucacopine Dissorophid from the Early Permian of Oklahoma
  • B. Gee, R. Reisz
  • Biology
    Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology
  • 4 March 2018
One partial and two complete new skulls of juvenile and subadult individuals of C. morrisi are described that represent intermediately sized individuals compared with previously documented skulls, as well as the first description of the postcrania of the taxon.
Dissorophid diversity at the early Permian cave system near Richards Spur, Oklahoma, USA
The early Permian karst deposits near Richards Spur, Oklahoma, preserve a diverse assemblage of terrestrial dissorophoid temnospondyls in an upland environment. The dissorophids, an armored
Improving sleep quality using weighted blankets among young children with an autism spectrum disorder
Using a single subject design found that there were minimal changes reported via caregivers, indicating that weighted blankets assisted in improving sleep disturbances in children with an autism spectrum disorder and sensory over-responsivity.
A qualitative research synthesis of positive subjective experiences in occupation from the Journal of Occupational Science (1993–2010)
Use of an occupational meaning system can provide researchers a framework for the study of meaning and change in meaning in occupations nested within sociocultural contexts.