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Experimental study on the swelling behaviour of bentonite/claystone mixture
A mixture of the MX80 bentonite and the Callovo-Oxfordian (COx) claystone were investigated by carrying out a series of experiments including determination of the swelling pressure of compactedExpand
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Oedometric compression and swelling behaviour of the Callovo-Oxfordian argillite
Abstract The Callovo-Oxfordian (COx) argillite is a possible host rock for radioactive waste disposal in which the ANDRA underground laboratory of Bure (East of France) has been excavated. In thisExpand
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Thermo‐hydro‐mechanical modeling of damage in unsaturated porous media: Theoretical framework and numerical study of the EDZ
SUMMARY The damage model presented in this article (named ‘THHMD’ model) is dedicated to non-isothermal unsaturated porous media. It is formulated by means of three independent strain stateExpand
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A laboratory investigation of thermally induced pore pressures in the Callovo-Oxfordian Claystone
In the framework of research into radioactive waste disposal, it was decided to investigate the thermally induce pore pressure occurring in the Callovo-Oxfordian claystone, a possible host rock inExpand
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θ-STOCK, a powerful tool of thermohydromechanical behaviour and damage modelling of unsaturated porous media
Abstract A brief review of the basic points of a suction-based heat, moisture transfer and skeleton deformation equations for an unsaturated medium is presented. The main issues such as: twoExpand
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Evaluation of seismic ground motion induced by topographic irregularity
Results of an extensive numerical study on the 2D scattering of seismic waves by local topography are presented. The investigation has been conducted using the direct boundary element method. SeveralExpand
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The Thermal Volume Changes of the Callovo–Oxfordian Claystone
There are very few data on the thermoplastic behaviour of claystones, while their knowledge is necessary in understanding long-term behaviour of high-level radioactive waste confining systems. InExpand
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Site-specific Spectral Response of Seismic Movement due to Geometrical and Geotechnical Characteristics of Sites
Abstract It is well-known that the response of a site to a seismic solicitation depends on local topographical and geotechnical characteristics. Many aspects of seismic site effect still need to beExpand
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Seismic site effects by an optimized 2D BE/FE method II. Quantification of site effects in two-dimensional sedimentary valleys
This paper deals with the evaluation of seismic site effects due to the local topographical and geotechnical characteristics. The amplification of surface motions is calculated by a numerical methodExpand
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Time-domain two-dimensional site response analysis of non-homogeneous topographic structures by a hybrid BE/FE method
Abstract In this paper, an advanced formulation of the time-domain, two-dimensional hybrid finite element–boundary element method (FEM/BEM) is presented, and applied to carry out site responseExpand
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