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Model structure and control of bone remodeling: a theoretical study.
It is generally accepted that RANKL is highly expressed in osteoblast precursor cells while OPG is highly expressed in mature osteoblasts, but to date no functional utility to the BMU has beenExpand
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Mechanical response of sediments to bubble growth
Modeling the process of bubble growth in sediments requires an understanding of the physics that controls bubble shape and the interaction of the growing bubble with the sediment. To acquire thisExpand
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Intrarenal oxygenation: unique challenges and the biophysical basis of homeostasis.
The kidney is faced with unique challenges for oxygen regulation, both because its function requires that perfusion greatly exceeds that required to meet metabolic demand and because vascular controlExpand
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Bubble growth and rise in soft sediments
The mechanics of uncemented soft sediments during bubble growth are not widely understood and no rheological model has found wide acceptance. We offer definitive evidence on the mode of bubbleExpand
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Bioreactor design for tendon/ligament engineering.
Tendon and ligament injury is a worldwide health problem, but the treatment options remain limited. Tendon and ligament engineering might provide an alternative tissue source for the surgicalExpand
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Prediction of pressure losses in pipe flow of aqueous foams
This paper presents a model for predicting pressure losses in foams of various expansions and pressures, in pipes of any given diameter, once the foam behavior has been characterized at a singleExpand
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Theoretical investigation of the role of the RANK-RANKL-OPG system in bone remodeling.
The RANK-RANKL-OPG system is an essential signaling pathway involved in bone cell-cell communication, with ample evidence that modification of the RANK-RANKL-OPG signaling pathway has major effectsExpand
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1 An improved understanding of the regulation of kidney oxygenation has the potential to advance preventative, diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for kidney disease. Here, we review the strengthsExpand
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Rate of growth of isolated bubbles in sediments with a diagenetic source of methane
Observation of bubbles in estuarine and coastal sediments indicates that bubbles at or below 10 cm depth grow on seasonal time scales (May-October). In order to determine the controls on this growthExpand
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Haemodynamic influences on kidney oxygenation: Clinical implications of integrative physiology
Renal blood flow, local tissue perfusion and blood oxygen content are the major determinants of oxygen delivery to kidney tissue. Arterial pressure and segmental vascular resistance influence kidneyExpand
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