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Cultural Policy and Urban Regeneration in Western European Cities: Lessons from Experience, Prospects for the Future
This paper reviews the uses of cultural policy and planning as tools of urban regeneration in western European cities. Following a brief assessment of the evolution of European cultural policy inExpand
The potential of arts activity as a tool for urban regeneration has been widely discussed since the early 1980s. In parallel, notions of “cultural/urban tourism” and “arts/city marketing” have gainedExpand
Deconstructing the City of Culture: The Long-term Cultural Legacies of Glasgow 1990
This paper evaluates the success of the European Union City/Capital of Culture programme as a model for culture-led regeneration by assessing the long-term cultural impacts of Glasgow's experience inExpand
European Capitals of Culture: Success Strategies and Long Term Effects
The European City/Capital of Culture Programme was launched in 1985 and the ECoC title has been awarded to nearly 60 cities in 30 countries. The Programme has become a key platform for cityExpand
Enhancing Sport Marketing through Cultural and Arts Programs: Lessons from the Sydney 2000 Olympic Arts Festivals
This paper discusses the potential to broaden the marketing appeal of sport events by associating them with cultural and arts activities. The theory of polysemic structures and event augmentation areExpand
The Olympics: The Basics
Preface 1. History and Philosophy 2. Society and Identity 3. Culture and Education 4. Politics and Diplomacy 5. Ethics and Values 6. Management and Economics 7. Media and Communication 8. Impact andExpand
One hundred years of cultural programming within the Olympic Games (1912–2012): origins, evolution and projections
The Olympic Games is recognised worldwide as the largest sports mega‐event – certainly, the event attracting the largest amount of media coverage globally. As well as a sports event, the Olympics areExpand
Approaches to the newspaper archive: content analysis and press coverage of Glasgow’s Year of Culture
Glasgow’s year as European City of Culture in 1990 is perceived as an event marking a renaissance in perceptions of the city. This article examines how the contemporary press coverage can be used asExpand