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Design of Clutch-Slip Controller for Automatic Transmission Using Backstepping
To improve the shift quality of vehicles with clutch-to-clutch gearshifts, a nonlinear controller using backstepping technique is designed for the clutch-slip control. Model uncertainties includingExpand
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Gear ratio optimization and shift control of 2-speed I-AMT in electric vehicle
Abstract Connecting a 2-speed transmission with the drive motor improves the dynamic and economic performance of electric passenger vehicles. A novel 2-speed I-AMT (Inverse Automated ManualExpand
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Position Control of Electric Clutch Actuator Using a Triple-Step Nonlinear Method
For a novel electric clutch actuator, a nonlinear feedforward-feedback control scheme is proposed to improve the performance of the position tracking control. The design procedure is formalized as aExpand
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Optimal Energy Management for HEVs in Eco-Driving Applications Using Bi-Level MPC
Wide usage of vehicle’s onboard navigation system offers vehicles better terms to improve energy efficiency. In this paper, a computationally effective energy management strategy using modelExpand
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A Reduced-Order Nonlinear Clutch Pressure Observer for Automatic Transmission
For a novel type of automatic transmissions adopting clutch-to-clutch shift control technology with electro-hydraulic actuators, a clutch pressure observer method based on input-to-state stabilityExpand
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Automotive Control: the State of the Art and Perspective
Abstract Automotive control technology plays a significant role for the sustainable development of auto-industry. Under gradually fierce circumstance of competition around the world, how toExpand
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Optimal Trajectory Planning of Motor Torque and Clutch Slip Speed for Gear Shift of a Two-Speed Electric Vehicle
In order to improve the shift quality of a 2-speed I-AMT of electric vehicle, optimal control is used to generate the reference trajectories of the clutch slip speed and motor torque. The off-lineExpand
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Predictive Cruise Control Using High-Definition Map and Real Vehicle Implementation
The development of high-definition (HD) maps has enabled predictive cruise control (PCC) systems to access additional road and traffic information. This study provides a novel control scheme of PCC,Expand
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Integrated control of in-wheel motor electric vehicles using a triple-step nonlinear method
Abstract To improve the vehicle stability of an electric vehicle with four in-wheel motors, an integrated control scheme with active front wheel steering and direct yaw moment is proposed using aExpand
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Data-Driven Predictive Gearshift Control for Dual-Clutch Transmissions and FPGA Implementation
During the gearshift management process, the shift time and the shift shock affect the shift quality (smoothness and efficiency) greatly. In this paper, a gearshift controller is designed using aExpand
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