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On generalized vorticity-conservation laws
  • B. Gaffet
  • Physics, Environmental Science
    Journal of Fluid Mechanics
  • 1 July 1985
We present here a new type of generalization of the conservation law of circulation, in two dimensions, and of the helicity-conservation law in three dimensions assuming zero potential vorticity. The
Analytical methods for the hydrodynamical evolution of supernova remnants
We present haere an analytical method for computing the hydrodynamical structure and evolution of supernova remnants (SNRs). We show that simple approximations can be derived by using Lagrangian
Pulsar theory of supernova light curves. II. The light curve and the continuous spectrum
We present calculations of supernova (SN) light curves that assume the existence of a central pulsar. We have shown in Paper I that absorption of the pulsar waves can occur only after some cooling
Pulsar theory of supernova light curves. I. Dynamical effect and thermalization of the pulsar strong waves
In this paper we investigate the dynamical effect of a pulsar on a surrounding supernova (SN) envelope and the process of thermalization of the pulsar strong waves, with the view of applying the
Expanding gas clouds of ellipsoidal shape: new exact solutions
  • B. Gaffet
  • Physics
    Journal of Fluid Mechanics
  • 25 October 1996
We consider a model of a freely expanding gas cloud of tri-axial ellipsoidal shape, Gaussian density profile, proposed by Dyson (1968). The ellipsoids are deformable, but are further constrained here
Standard covariant formulation for perfect-fluid dynamics
After a brief description of the Milne generalization of the Galilean invariance group for the space–time of Newtonian kinematics, it is shown how the generalized Eulerian dynamical equations for the
Spinning gas clouds: Liouville integrable cases
We consider the class of ellipsoidal gas clouds expanding into a vacuum [1, 2] which has been shown to be a Liouville integrable Hamiltonian system [3]. This system presents several interesting
Spinning gas clouds - without vorticity
Ovsiannikov and Dyson have considered an ordinary differential reduction of the gas-dynamical equations for an ideal gas which is adiabatically expanding and rotating. Gaffet has shown, based on its
SU(3) symmetry of the equations of unidimensional gas flow, with arbitrary entropy distribution
We have shown in an earlier work that, assuming a particular class of equations of state, the Euler equations of one‐dimensional gas flow are invariant under an SU(3) group of transformations, and in