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The IPBES Conceptual Framework - connecting nature and people
The first public product of the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) is its Conceptual Framework. This conceptual and analytical tool, presented here in detail,Expand
Soil and water conservation on the Loess Plateau in China: review and perspective
The Loess Plateau, China, has long been suffering from serious soil erosion. About 2000 years ago, larger areas were used for grain production and soil erosion was thus becoming severe with increaseExpand
A measure of spatial stratified heterogeneity
Abstract Spatial stratified heterogeneity, referring to the within-strata variance less than the between strata-variance, is ubiquitous in ecological phenomena, such as ecological zones and manyExpand
A Policy-Driven Large Scale Ecological Restoration: Quantifying Ecosystem Services Changes in the Loess Plateau of China
An adaptive management approach to regional ecological rehabilitation policy is adopted, with a focus on the dynamic interactions between people and their environments in a changing world, to reduce uncertainty regarding long-term policy effects on the sustainability of ecological rehabilitation performance and ecosystem service enhancement. Expand
Reduced sediment transport in the Yellow River due to anthropogenic changes
The erosion, transport and redeposition of sediments shape the Earth's surface, and affect the structure and function of ecosystems and society(1,2). The Yellow River was once the world's largestExpand
Effect of land use conversion on soil organic carbon sequestration in the loess hilly area, loess plateau of China
Changes in land use may alter land cover, which results in carbon stock changes in biomass as well as in the soil. In China’s loess plateau, vegetation restoration has been conducted since 1950s toExpand
Assessing the soil erosion control service of ecosystems change in the Loess Plateau of China
Abstract Soil erosion in terrestrial ecosystems, as an important global environmental problem, significantly impacts on environmental quality and social economy. By protecting soil from wind andExpand
How ecological restoration alters ecosystem services: an analysis of carbon sequestration in China's Loess Plateau
It was found the NPP and NEP in this region had steadily increased after the initiative of the GTGP program, and a total of 96.1 Tg of additional carbon had been sequestered during that period, and the Loess Plateau ecosystem had shifted from a net carbon source in 2000 to a netcarbon sink in 2008. Expand
Local people's perceptions as decision support for protected area management in Wolong Biosphere Reserve, China.
Local people's perceptions were affected by many factors, including education, gender, residence location, household size and acreage of land owned, and an in-depth analysis of their attitudes and perceptions showed that two potential conflicts might affect biodiversity conservation and protected area management. Expand
Three Gorges Project: Efforts and challenges for the environment
The Three Gorges Project has been subject to intense debates regarding its benefits and costs. The environmental impacts of this huge project have been an important focus of these debates since theExpand