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Municipal solid waste management from a systems perspective
Different waste treatment options for municipal solid waste have been studied in a systems analysis. Different combinations of incineration, materials recycling of separated plastic and cardboard cExpand
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Protein efficiency per unit energy and per unit greenhouse gas emissions: Potential contribution of diet choices to climate change mitigation
The production, transport and processing of food products have significant environmental impacts, some of them related to climate change. This study examined the energy use and greenhouse gasExpand
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Social sustainability and social acceptance in technology assessment: A case study of energy technologies
This paper discusses an approach for assessing indicators for the social sustainability of technical systems developed within a Swedish technology assessment tool called ORWARE. Social sustainabiliExpand
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Evaluating low-carbon city initiatives from the DPSIR framework perspective
Current low-carbon city initiatives were evaluated using the DPSIR (Driving forces-Pressures-State-Impacts-Responses) causal-effect framework for investigating interactions between environmentalExpand
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Life Cycle Thinking for Improved Resource Management: LCA or?
Life cycle assessment (LCA) has become one of the most widely applied scientific and industrial methods for estimating environmental impacts of products and services. While the necessity to adopt aExpand
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Group Model-Building to identify potential sources of environmental impacts outside the scope of LCA studies
Specific methodologies that consider a more comprehensive/diverse set of parameters must be explored by the LCA community. This study utilises the Group Model-Building (GMB) method to identify, andExpand
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Eco-cycle model 2.0. for Stockholm Royal Seaport City District : Feasibility study - final report
Eco-Cycle Model 2.0. of Stockholm Royal SeaportDevelopment of the Eco-Cycle Model 2.0. is one of a total of five sub-projects in the city of Stockholm which have been granted economic support from ...
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Biofuels in the energy transition beyond peak oil. A macroscopic study of energy demand in the stockholm transport system 2030
The objective of this study is to examine the potential for a full transition to domestically produced biofuels in the Stockholm County transport system in 2030, without exceeding the proportionalExpand
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Analysis of sustainable urban development approaches in China
China already has more numerous and larger cities than ever before. If the current trend holds, by 2025 it will have a predicted 1 billion of urban population and 8 megacities, each containing 10 mExpand
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Identifying ways of closing the metal flow loop in the global mobile phone product system : A system dynamics modeling approach
In the past few decades, e-waste has emerged as one of the fastest growing and increasingly complex waste flows world-wide. Within e-waste, the life cycle of the mobile phone product system is partExpand
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