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Why eve and mallory love android: an analysis of android SSL (in)security
Many Android apps have a legitimate need to communicate over the Internet and are then responsible for protecting potentially sensitive data during transit. This paper seeks to better understand theExpand
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Fitness landscape analysis and memetic algorithms for the quadratic assignment problem
In this paper, a fitness landscape analysis for several instances of the quadratic assignment problem (QAP) is performed, and the results are used to classify problem instances according to theirExpand
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A genetic local search algorithm for solving symmetric and asymmetric traveling salesman problems
  • B. Freisleben, P. Merz
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on…
  • 20 May 1996
The combination of local search heuristics and genetic algorithms is a promising approach for finding near-optimum solutions to the traveling salesman problem (TSP). An approach is presented in whichExpand
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Genetic local search for the TSP: new results
The combination of local search heuristics and genetic algorithms has been shown to be an effective approach for finding near-optimum solutions to the traveling salesman problem. Previously proposedExpand
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A comparison of memetic algorithms, tabu search, and ant colonies for the quadratic assignment problem
A memetic algorithm (MA), i.e. an evolutionary algorithm making use of local search, for the quadratic assignment problem is presented. A new recombination operator for realizing the approach isExpand
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Greedy and Local Search Heuristics for Unconstrained Binary Quadratic Programming
In this paper, a greedy heuristic and two local search algorithms, 1-opt local search and k-opt local search, are proposed for the unconstrained binary quadratic programming problem (BQP). TheseExpand
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ANIMAL: A System for Supporting Multiple Roles in Algorithm Animation
Abstract Many algorithm animation tools have been developed over the last years. The users of such tools can be separated into four roles: the original algorithm programmer, developers of theExpand
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CARDWATCH: a neural network based database mining system for credit card fraud detection
CARDWATCH, a database mining system used for credit card fraud detection, is presented. The system is based on a neural network learning module, provides an interface to a variety of commercialExpand
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Fitness Landscapes, Memetic Algorithms, and Greedy Operators for Graph Bipartitioning
The fitness landscape of the graph bipartitioning problem is investigated by performing a search space analysis for several types of graphs. The analysis shows that the structure of the search spaceExpand
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New Genetic Local Search Operators for the Traveling Salesman Problem
In this paper, an approach is presented to incorporate problem specific knowledge into a genetic algorithm which is used to compute near-optimum solutions to traveling salesman problems (TSP). TheExpand
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