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The suggestion that the activities of public relations professionals and news agencies help to shape news content in national and local news media is increasingly commonplace among journalists,Expand
Book Note: Packaging Politics: Political Communications in Britain’s Media Democracy
Part 1 Political communications and packaging politics: packaging politics - an overview of the argument. Part 2 The political communicators: censorship, news management and the lobby new Labour andExpand
Newszak and News Media
Part 1 Newszak and news media: Newszak and news media - the argument in outline. Part 2 Newszak and journalism: journalism - image and reality the upstairs downstairs profession of journalism. Part 3Expand
Pulling Newspapers Apart : Analysing Print Journalism
'Pulling newspapers apart: Analysing print journalism' explores contemporary UK national and local newspapers at a significant and pivotal moment in their development when some pundits are busily, ifExpand
Local journalism and local media: making the local news
The local media - local newspapers and radio, regional television, cable television and local news on the internet - represents a diverse and rapidly-changing sector of the British media landscape.Expand
Social work, the media, and public relations
Explores the differing views of social workers and journalists towards issues of social importance, and assesses the manner in which social workers are urged to adopt public relations techniques inExpand
Social Policy, the Media and Misrepresentation
Introduction: The Media and Social Policy B. Franklin University of Sheffield, UK Part 1: Producing Social Policy News 1. Soft-Soaping the Public? The Government and Media Promotion of Social PolicyExpand
Our analysis of 2207 domestic news reports in a structured sample of UK “quality” (the Guardian, The Times, the Independent and the Telegraph) and mid-market (Daily Mail) newspapers, revealedExpand
The Future of Journalism
The “age of digital media” is witnessing innovation and radical change across all aspects of journalism, creating economic difficulties for legacy media and a frenzied search for alternative busine...