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A controlled trial of fluconazole to prevent fungal infections in patients undergoing bone marrow transplantation.
BACKGROUND AND METHODS Superficial and systemic fungal infections are a major problem among severely immunocompromised patients who undergo bone marrow transplantation. We performed a double-blind,Expand
The effect of ifosfamide and its metabolites on intracellular glutathione levels in vitro and in vivo.
The effect of ifosfamide and its metabolites on intracellular levels of glutathione in P388 cells in vitro has been studied. It is demonstrated that glutathione depletion occurs only in the presenceExpand
The role of metallothionein, glutathione, glutathione S-transferases and DNA repair in resistance to platinum drugs in a series of L1210 cell lines made resistant to anticancer platinum agents.
The glutathione contents, glutathione S-transferase activities and metallothionein contents have been measured in a series of L1210 cell lines which show decreased sensitivities to platinum drugs.Expand
Repair of DNA interstrand crosslinks after busulphan
SummaryThe technique of alkaline elution has been used to study the interaction between the antineoplastic drug busulphan and the DNA of cells derived from the transplantable rodent Yoshida sarcoma.Expand
The release of a deoxyribonucleic acid fragment after x-irradiation of Micrococcus radiodurans.
SummaryThe nature of the 3H activity released from M. radiodurans after γ-ray doses of 500 krads which cause no decrease in cellular viability has been investigated by gel filtration and alkalineExpand
A Review of Cyclophosphamide
  • B. Fox
  • Medicine
  • British Journal of Cancer
  • 1 October 1975
521 useful primarily for its review of the functional anatomy of the lymphoid system given by Fabrikant. Indeed, the main value of the volume rests in its reviews and in the variety of techniquesExpand
The interaction with tubulin of a series of stilbenes based on combretastatin A-4.
A series of stilbenes, based on combretastatin A-4, were synthesised. A structure-activity study was carried out to characterise the interaction of these agents with tubulin. The substitution ofExpand
DNA-DNA interstrand crosslinking by dimethyanesulphonic acid esters. Correlation with cytotoxicity and antitumour activity in the Yoshida lymphosarcoma model and relationship to chain length.
Members of the homologous series of nine antitumour dimethanesulphonic acid esters, with the exception of ethylene dimethanesulphonate (EDMS), were found to cause DNA-DNA interstrand crosslinking inExpand
Structural and biochemical comparison of the anti-mitotic agents colchicine, combretastatin A4 and amphethinile.
The novel agents amphethinile and combretastatin A4 are shown to be very similar to colchicine in their interactions with purified tubulin. All three agents can inhibit tubulin assembly at similarExpand
A description and ecological interpretation of lichen communities occurring on high ground in the Cairngorms is presented. The area supports only a limited lichen flora but it is highly specialised;Expand