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Peroxisomal disorders: A review
SummaryUntil recently peroxisomal disorders were considered to be extremely rare and the diagnostic procedures available for postanatal and prenatal diagnosis were not widely known. At present, 17Expand
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Clinical approach to inherited peroxisomal disorders
SummaryAt least 21 genetic disorders have now been found that are linked to peroxisomal dysfunction. Whatever the genetic defect might be, peroxisomal disorders should be considered in variousExpand
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flexible instrument insertion robot medical lengthens and associated accessories
The invention relates to the field of robots of elongated flexible medical instrument insertion (1, 2) of training modules (3) of flexible elongate medical instrument included in these insertion robots, and accessories associated withthese insertion robots. Expand
Systeme robotise pour arteriographie, robot et piece d'entrainement en rotation pour un tel systeme robotise
Le robot (1) pour arteriographie comprend une base (2) fixe et un receptacle (3) mobile. Le receptacle (3) comprend un recipient (11) recevant un organe souple allonge (23). Un systeme d'entrainementExpand
Robotized system for arteriography, robot and flexible member extends for such a system
The robot (1) for arteriography comprises a base (2) and a fixed receptacle (3) mobile and a drive module (12) integral with the elongated flexible member (23) in translation. Expand