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Interlaced Particle Systems and Tilings of the Aztec Diamond
Motivated by the problem of domino tilings of the Aztec diamond, a weighted particle system is defined on N lines, with line j containing j particles. The particles are restricted to lattice pointsExpand
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Material Culture and Asian Religions : Text, Image, Object
1. Introduction: Material Culture and Religious Studies Benjamin J. Fleming and Richard D. Mann Part I: The Materiality of Writing 2. Bamboo and the Production of Philosophy: A Hypothesis about aExpand
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Comptes rendus / Reviews of books: Gandharan Buddhism: Archaeology, Art, Texts
unto itself, from which it is impossible to climb out. This volume offers a glimpse into that universe. &dquo;Gandharan Buddhism,&dquo; a contentious phrase in its own right, refers to the BuddhismsExpand
How to insert an internal seton for supralevator sepsis: an effective technique for complex fistulae
Fistula tracts and abscesses have supralevator extension in 7–9% cases (Fig. 1a). Achieving adequate drainage of an abscess in the supralevator anatomical space can be difficult, often requiringExpand
Fluctuation universality for a class of directed solid-on-solid models
Our interest is in a class of directed solid-on-solid models, which may be regarded as continuum versions of boxed plane partitions. In the case that the heights are chosen from a uniformExpand
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A finitization of the bead process
The bead process is the particle system defined on parallel lines, with underlying measure giving constant weight to all configurations in which particles on neighbouring lines interlace, and zeroExpand
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Relics, liṅgas, and other auspicious material remains in south asian religions
ABSTRACT This article reconsiders sites, practices, and ideas about the physical remains of the special dead in South Asian religions. Questioning the common notion of “relics” as a point ofExpand
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Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome leading to ventriculoperitoneal shunt malfunction: Case report
Ventriculoperitoneal shunt (VPS) insertion is a common neurosurgical procedure for hydrocephalus. Unfortunately, VPS malfunction is not uncommon, with an estimated cumulative rate of 32% at 5 years.Expand