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Confirmation of epidural catheter placement using nerve stimulation
This study establishes the reliability of low current electrical epidural stimulation to confirm epidural catheter placement as a simple, objective and reliable technique for confirmation of epiduralCatheter placement. Expand
The Importance of Ultrasound Landmarks: A “Traceback” Approach Using the Popliteal Blood Vessels for Identification of the Sciatic Nerve
In contrast to other published reports, the symptoms in this case appeared as an acute reaction with redness, pruritus, and swelling within 2 hours after the examination. Expand
Complications of regional anaesthesia Incidence and prevention.
The complications of failure, neural injury and local anaesthetic toxicity are common to all regional anaesthesia techniques, and individual techniques are associated with specific complications. AllExpand
Electrophysiologic Effect of Injectates on Peripheral Nerve Stimulation
The injection of a conducting solution (i.e., NS) rendered the current that was previously sufficient to elicit a motor response during electrolocation ineffective, and the conductive area surrounding the stimulating needle expanded after the injection and dispersion of the conducting solution. Expand
Factors influencing pain management by nurses in emergency departments in Central Africa.
Pain management by nurses in the ED in Central Africa is inadequate and patients would benefit considerably if nurses received additional education about the diagnosis and management of acute pain in EDs in CentralAfrica. Expand
Local anesthetic systemic toxicity
Vigilance during the performance of regional anesthesia and immediate intervention at the earliest sign of toxicity improve the chances of successful treatment, and current prevention and treatment options are outlined. Expand
Determination of epidural catheter placement using nerve stimulation in obstetric patients.
This study demonstrates that this test may have a role in improving the success rate of epidural anesthesia, and appears to be a potentially useful method to detect intravascular catheter placement. Expand
The attitude of the general public towards preoperative assessment and risks associated with general anesthesia
The general public considers anesthetic assessment on the day prior to surgery an important part of preoperative preparation, suggesting that preoperative education of patients should address these concerns. Expand
The “BURP” maneuver worsens the glottic view when applied in combination with cricoid pressure
There is no benefit to routinely applying a modified “BURP” maneuver to the cricoid cartilage during rapid sequence induction of anesthesia, and there is no potential of protection against passive gastric regurgitation. Expand
Complications of Regional Anesthesia
Regional AnesthesiaSafety.- Outcome Studies Comparing Regional and General Anesthesia.- Avoiding Complications in Regional Anesthesia.- Local Anesthetic Toxicity.- Mechanisms of NeurologicExpand