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Semantic Web Approach to Ease Regulation Compliance Checking in Construction Industry
The approach taken by the CSTB to reformulate the regulatory requirements written in natural language in a controlled and formal language using SBVR and SPARQL is detailed and the solutions proposed are based on semantic web technologies. Expand
Ontology-aided FMEA for construction products
The goal of improving the quality and the maintenance of building products, and the will to integrate the sustainable development objectives led us to propose an original method based on the use andExpand
An Ontological Approach for Modeling Technical Standards for Compliance Checking
This paper gives an overview of a formal semantic-based approach of modeling some regulations in the photovoltaic field to help the delivering of technical assessments at the French scientific centerExpand
An Ontology-Guided Annotation System for Technology Monitoring
A new approach based on an ontology for building a multi-agent technology monitoring system based on semantic annotations based on ontologies is described. Expand
Linking IFCs and BIM to Sustainability Assessment of Buildings
BIM (Building Information Modelling) is a process involving the generation and management of digital information related to a construction project. The resulting building information model becomes aExpand
BEAUFORD: A Benchmark for Evaluation of Formalisation of Definitions in OWL
BEAUFORD is a benchmark for methods which aim to provide formal expressions of concepts using the natural language (NL) definition of these concepts and comprises a well-suited dataset to concretely judge of the efficiency of methods of formalisation. Expand
Improving Open Information Extraction for Semantic Web Tasks
This paper presents what OIE is and how it can be improved when the authors work in a given domain of knowledge, and shows how OIE can be used at a base of a high-level semantic web task. Expand
CoMMA Corporate Memory Management through Agents Corporate Memory Management through Agents: The CoMMA project final report
This document gives an overview of the different search activities that have been achieved through the CoMMA project and shows the different technical aspects of the projects and the solution that has been proposed and implemented. Expand